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Thursday, 27 April 2017

The Reveal

Well it's all done now , We have gone for a really dark colour , I know people say dont go dark in a small room but to compliment the new chairs we had to really ,
It's so cosy looking now i am thrilled , All is cost was the paints ,Some new lamp shades and a few more bargain finds and its cost just under  £100

We use a panel of wallpaper to add some interest over the fireplace , It depends on the pattern we only purchased one roll , This was used to add detail to the tv cabinet.

This was in a job lot i bought from Auction.

The lamp bases were two for £1.50 from jumble sale and the shades £5.00 each from Ikea. 

I never wanted  a big Tv as they dominate a room and this cabinet has been cut down to accommodate it , Sometimes you have to do things you dont like so other people are happy.  

I made the striped cushions the  round blue ones were £1.00 each from a jumble sale.  

This pie crust table was picked up from a jumble sale for £3.00 

The colour sets of the gold pictures.

I made these cushions from a 30p piece of fabric from a jumble. 

The brown lamp shade compliments the brown velvet curtains that i cant afford to replace. B & Q £7.99



  1. It' a WONderful color! Good choice, in my opinion...

  2. I am not usually one for blue but I have to say it works really well, I love the complete look, well done x

  3. I daren't show Jon your photos, he's desperate for a room in that shade of blue! It looks absolutely stunning, so opulent and inviting and makes for a smart contemporary background to your eclectic bits and pieces. Your fireplace and chairs are fabulous. zzz

  4. Oooooh it looks fabulous. I love that colour-x-

  5. Thanks vix , I Think it shows the fireplace of better too , When it was first painted just a small section i thought oh no what have i done then when it was all finished it was just the look i had in my mind all the time , Just wish i could dress up a beautiful period property like yours to live in xxx

  6. Is the color considered a 'teal' blue shade? I love those shades of teal blues (dark to light) and think the room looks wonderful.

  7. Your room looks beautiful, you did a fabulous job.

  8. Such a beautiful room, I loved the idea of the wallpaper over the fireplace. All looks so warm and inviting.

    1. Thanks , The wallpaper is a cheap idea to break up the paint as we only bought one roll xxx

  9. Very cozy, and also elegant. I'm sure you will get much enjoyment out of it.

  10. It looks lovely and very cosy! I do love your two winged armchairs; such a pretty floral print. I have a similar round cushion on my sofa too - I bought it in a charity shop...

  11. Your room looks so beautiful, very well done! Yes, if you read books on interior designs, rooms which are small and/or dark can actually be improved by using rich, deep colours and large items of furniture rather than smaller pieces dotted around. The colours are so right for your room, it is amazing what a simple colour change will do, isn't it?
    Margaret P

  12. beautiful, all those shades of blue play so nicely together


thank you for your message , Shabby