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Sunday, 8 November 2015

Linen , Linen and more linen

Beautiful Tablecloths

Do you know what this label means.

This one is fine linen i think.

Its a shame this one is damaged.

This tray cloth  is superb quality. 

Is there a special name for this type of work.

And this one , I have a book about Antique linen , I really need to read it but its finding the time. 

Monogrammed towels 

Your help would really be appreciated.



  1. The label is simply a laundry label - for identification purposes. Every item sent to an outside laundry would be labelled.

  2. I agree with Wanda, every piece would've had such a laundry label for identification purposes.
    As for the type of work you ask about, it might be "white work" but I could be wrong. It's not drawn-thread work, I don't think.
    Margaret P

  3. Yep a laundry label. People used to use laundries a lot in the 50s before washing machines were common. The laundry would collect and deliver back wrapped in brown paper. My mum used one for big cotton sheets.
    Is there something called Hardanger? for that linen. Love the shifts and nightie

  4. Have to agree with the others. The label is the name of the owner - they look like Cashs woven name tapes . I can remember my Grandma using them to mark her linen and bed sheets so that she got the correct items back from the laundry . That was back before anybody had washing machines etc

  5. A lot of antique linen has laundry marks...most often it's only inked on..because in bygone days i.e Victorian and Edwardian washing was sent out. I once had a lady buy a gorgeous pillowcase from me on Ebay and leave me negative feedback because of a laundry mark in the corner...idiot! I adore the gowns....I wish they were mine xxxxxx

  6. Ruskin work for the one you are asking about

  7. I know nothing about linen but those nightgowns are beautiful. xxx

  8. Stunning linen, the table cloths are simply beautiful.


thank you for your message , Shabby