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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

My shabby chic vintage frugal home.

Lloyd loom style Ottoman and bedroom chair.

I was lucky enough to buy this set of eBay for an amazing price of £15.00 , The reason was, It needed re covering as the top of the ottoman was in rather a state ( i wish i taken some before pictures now), The paint was in its original unpainted condition  and did not need anything doing to it , Dave took all the old covering of both of the chair and ottoman , there was rather a lot of dust as the padding had disintegrated, Rather than purchase padding i looked around my home to see if there was anything i could recycle , I found a quilt that i purchased from a charity shop £1.00 rail , It was almost new and was reduced beacuse it had an ink mark on one corner but it was just thick enough to give the right padding without looking like a cushion , and the gorgeous pink roses fabric came from a charity shop too, Although that cost £5.00 , Alot more than i usually spend but i still have quite a bit left that i will use to make some cushions for my new home, we used the original nails but to make it easier to fix we used staples and then covered it with a trim and put the nails on top of the trim (my Friend Melanie gave me the trim), you can pick up ottomans like this quite cheaply and they make a very useful but attractive storage solution.

Total cost of project £21.00, What a bargain.


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  2. I upcycle ottomans and chairs Lioyd Loom style -However I paint the wicker usually antique white . The using floral paper napkins I cut out an image of say a big cabbage rose and peel back the two layers of paper to leave one thin layer -you then glue this onto the wicker and it really sinks into the wicker -which makes it look as if it is hand painted- really lovely you should try it as there are some beautiful paper napkins to buy for a couple of pounds

  3. Thanks for the great idea about the napkins if I do another one I will definitely use it , I have painted one in white before my daughter claimed that his one when she moved out but the paint on this one was in its original perfect condition it would have been a shame to paint it , I love this type of furniture though you cant beat it , I up cycled a bog standard dressing table further on in my blog , it would have been a lot cheaper to use your idea, I have lots more projects to do I might use the idea on something else xxxx


thank you for your message , Shabby